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Looping Back

The Art of Loop Back

The art of the loop back was first devised by The Women’s Running Network to enable everybody to run together in safety.   It has a number of functions and is quite easy to achieve.   The main function, as already stated, is of safety and when properly used will keep the group of runners together;  a bit like a shoal of fish making sure no runner is left behind to fend off the “Sharks of Newton Abbot”.   The second function is to allow everyone the opportunity to not be at the back all the time, playing catch up and feeling like they are holding up the faster runners.   The third point in its favour is the chance for everyone to work as hard/easy as they feel like.   If you like a thrash then you can really go for it and keep looping back to gain the extra mileage.   If however a quiet life is on the agenda you can lose yourself in the general melee of the group and Marika will never know!  

So, here goes, my explanation of what I think the loop back is, without the use of a wipe board: Starting at Point 1, runners A, B, C & D set off together towards point 2.   A gets to point 2 first, B is 10m behind and C & D are together 50m further back.   NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT:  A turns and in seeing this B also turns (B does not continue to point 2)… C & D continue running towards point 2.   A and B must run past C & D and carry on for about 20m before turning.   If A turns first then, again B turns when they see A turn.  Now C and D are in front, with B and A chasing them;  A should be at the back. When A, B, C & D are back together the process starts again for another loop back.

RESULT: C and D get to run at the front, instead of always being at the back. A first has to chase B and then both A & B get to chase C & D giving them both a harder work out (plus longer mileage) and the opportunity to run at the back/within the group.   See it works - no excuses, we all know now how it works so we should look like a shoal of synchronised swimmers… in lycra but no nose clips!